Snoring is a common issue that is known to affect a number of adult men and women around the world. Snoring is that all-too-familiar, loud breathing noise created as a result of obstructed airways and the inability for air to pass through the throat while sleeping. When the air flow becomes obstructed from the mouth and nose is creates specific vibrations along the walls of the throat and mouth. This vibration is the resultant noise we know as snoring.


While snoring is mainly caused from obstructed airways and is a surefire sign of Obstructed Sleep Apnea, there are a number of other contributing factors that will lead to constant, sever snoring, including:

  • Poor Muscle Tone & Strength (jaw, throat, tongue, and nasal passage muscles).
  • Excess Tissue along the Throat.
  • Being Overweight or Obesity.
  • Long, Soft Palate and/or Uvula (the dangling tissue at the back of the mouth).

Snoring is not only an issue to the individual, the loud, often disruptive noise can make it difficult for the individuals spouse, or partner to get to bed as well – causing intimacy issues in relationships. This leads to both emotional and physical anguish due to the lack of rest, and REM sleep on both parties.

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The Benefits of Oral Sleep Appliances

Snoring can be a huge burden on your quality of life. Aside from the associated health aspects, snoring not only affects you but those around you. Oral Sleep Appliances are dental apparatuses that are worn during sleep in order to help manipulate the positioning of the jaw and other tissue(s) within the mouth. By altering the positioning of this tissue, we are able to help open the airways during the night – alleviating the obstruction that prevents proper breathing as a result of sleep apnea. Once the airways are opened and breathing is restored to normal, you will no longer snore or have trouble breathing – helping out with both your physical health and the health of your relationships!

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